And here are lots of questions which already have answers!

Is there a charge?

No, we’re a Ramblers group and any member in the country can walk with us. You can come on a few walks to see if you like us before joining.

Is everything free?

We’re part of the Ramblers, so you will need to join us if you walk with us more than three times (you can walk with us free on those three occasions).

Once you’re a member then everything is free, with one exception. There may be a car park charge at the beginning of the walk, but we’ll try and let you know about that in advance so you can bring money. And don’t tip the walk leaders with money as some will only spend it in the pub. Just saying thank you at the end is sufficient  🙂

Do I bring food?

Yes. Bring lots of snacks such as crisps and cake, but if you want to bring fruit and cereal bars then no-one will judge you either. It’s a long walk, so bring what you enjoy eating.

Do I bring drink?

Yes, make sure you bring enough water or similar, dehydration is a real risk and we don’t want people falling over. We don’t recommend people bring vodka, primarily because we don’t want people falling over.

What if I’m too slow?

If you’re confident about walking this distance, it’ll all be fine. To ensure that you’re confident you should have walked distances of 12 to 15 miles on a regular basis. Don’t worry if you haven’t walked this distance regularly, there are lots offered across the area, with details at http://www.norfolkra.org.uk/.

We do want to encourage people into long distance walking, but it’s important you don’t come along for the challenge and then find it’s too much, so preparation is the key   🙂

What if I’m too fast?

We get people like that. We might slow you down a bit   🙂   You know who you are!

How would you define the walk pace?

Brisk or fast, depending on your terminology. The walks are quite long distances and doing them slowly lengthens them somewhat in terms of time.

I have a question about the walk pace.

Contact the walk leader in advance if in doubt, they’ll be able to offer assistance.

Do you supply free Kit Kats on the walks?

No. This is something we are constantly looking into, but the area treasurer is proving to be obstinate on this issue.

What about free monster munch?

No, same issue as above.

Free Wotsits?

No  🙁

What can I bring to make to look like I’m a professional long distance walker?

Obviously good wit and humour, that’s what all long distance walkers have   🙂   But to really fit in, bring a head torch and be dressed entirely in clothing from Rab.

Is Rab clothing compulsory?

No. But seriously, bring clothing which keeps you warm and protects you from rain. We’re hardened walkers who don’t mind rain, but we don’t want anyone to freeze on the route.

Are there holidays?

Yes, from 2019 there are! Here’s the 2019 one.

Can I bring my dog?

Hmmm, probably. Check with the walk leader in advance though, sometimes there might be areas which there’s a permissive path where the land owner restricts dogs. Please also note the walk leader may tell walkers to put their dogs on leads if they are going through residential areas or where there are animals in fields. Don’t feel aggrieved at that   🙂

My dog likes attacking the local wildlife/ other dogs / children / random walkers / cars / cats / signposts, will this be OK?

No  🙂

My dog loves running around under the feet of other walkers, is that OK?

No   🙂

Can I bring a snake on the walk?

No. It’s bad enough trying to avoid the ones roaming free across Norfolk.

What is the difference between Legstretchers and the LDWA?

Some of the walkers are members of both, but the Legstretchers is part of Norfolk Ramblers and the LDWA is a separate charitable body (although it’s affiliated to the Ramblers). The local LDWA group is Norfolk and Suffolk and we occasionally operate joint walks. In short, they’re separate organisations, but not rivals.

Will someone talk to me on a walk? I want to feel part of the group.

Well, if Dave is there, yes, he’ll be straight over chatting away. He’s far too social. But, seriously, we try our very best to welcome people and we’ve got some good feedback. If you feel nervous about joining a group, that’s not rare, let us know if we can help.

So, the group is welcoming to new people?

Yes. Definitely, yes.

I have a question/complaint/compliment/free monster munch to offer.

Message me.