February 2017 Walk


Pigney’s Wood, North Walsham

This was the first walk in the new Legstretchers programme, starting near North Walsham and then going up to Bacton, Mundesley and then back through the countryside to Pigney’s Wood.

There were twelve people on the first walk, not bad at all given the time of year! We were though blessed with excellent weather and the sea wasn’t too breezy.

Marching back up to the line of the railway track towards the end of the walk. Most of our walkers were still fit and ready to do more!

It’s essential to note that walkers stand on the edge of the cliff very much at their own risk….. (NB, Cas is a trained professional, do not attempt to recreate this at home or at any cliffs nearby to home).

Walking across to the delights of Bacton Gas Terminal.

The old railway line at the start of the walk.

It was really good to see a healthy attendance on the first walk, with future walks being held on the first Sunday of every month. Congratulations also to Richard May, the area chairman, who successfully completed the walk with only several injuries.