What to Expect

The walks we run are around 18 miles in length, although some will be longer from time to time to increase the excitement.

There will always be a lunch stop so definitely bring suitable food. Some of us believe that Greggs chicken bakes and Monster Munch are a suitable form of nourishment, others bring fruit and cereal bars. However, bring what you like and ensure that you also bring plenty to drink. Especially in hotter months dehydration is a real health risk, so bring lots of water!

The pace of the walks will be moderate. By this we don’t mean that we’ll randomly start jogging or walking in some Olympic style power walk, just that it’s a long distance to do and so the pace will be constant so that it doesn’t take all day and into the night. Walk speed isn’t an exact science, but expect over 3.25 mph including stops. However, we’re not a scary group, if you’re confident with long distances then it’ll all be fine.

If you haven’t walked a long distance before you are very welcome to join us if you’re used to walking and if you’re fit, healthy and keen. If you haven’t walked twelve miles yet, it’s best to try that distance with one of the other groups in Norfolk Ramblers, just to see how you get on. Legstretchers is a welcoming group and is keen to introduce new members to long distance walking, but we want you to be confident about the distances.

You don’t need to let us know you’re coming to a walk, just turn up at the appointed time. If you’re new then you’re very welcome to let the walk leader know in advance if you’d like, just to ask any questions.

Any questions, do let me know!